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Hi all

First congratulations for this amazing project. We'll want use this software in our church in Rome (Italy) but current version 2.4.6 not include Italian language. Actually I am part of the translation team on transifex and I see that for 2.6 release Italian translation is completed, so when the release of version 2.6 is scheduled?




  • The short answer is: When it is ready...
    The long answer is: The next release, which by the way will be 3.0, has seen some major rewrites of central components, which we are trying to wrap up at the moment. But since the changes are major, this is hard... On top of that, we all work on OpenLP in our spare time, so we won't commit to a timeline, which I understand can be frustrating to end users. Personally I hope we can make an Alpha release within a few months, but that's my personal hope.
  • Thank You for the answer. I understand you are doing an excellent work, I will wait new release. 
  • Hope the OpenLP team will give their work progress in the blog...
  • Ciao Giovanni, i wasn't aware that there is no italian localization, despite of my community being german-italian bilingue. Thanks for your efford to translate the future 3.0. It will be usefull to our community, too!

    At least there is the CEI2008 italian offline bible aviable, while the german Einheitsübersetzung can be used only online (i know this does not depend on OpenLP).
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