1.0 (final) bug reports

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    If you perform the following actions the final result is that the display should be blank:

    1) Display a song

    2) Then use the blank screen button

    3) Then turn off the output display

    4 ) Turn the output display back on


    Instead of appearing blank when you turn the display back on, it displays the last thing that you displayed, but is still in the "blanked" state. This seems to confuse a number of the people on my visuals team as they then asume the screen has "frozen", because they can see words on the screen, but it doesn't respond to song and verse changes. To fix it you just need to unblank the screen, but it still seems to confuse people!


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    I discovered the following strange behaviour:

    When I add songs to an oos, close and re-open openlp, openlp will sometimes import the songs from the oos (although they exist). the only difference is, that the authors aren't individual entries but one comma seperated entry. this is really annoying, since i have to open and close openlp many times until the oos is finished...

    if you need any details (like the database or other stuff) just contact me.



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    A similarish one, which I'm not sure if it's been reported before...

    Blank screen. Double click next song. Screen still blank as expected.

    Minimize Restore the window. Song now appears on output display. It should still be blank. (blank screen button still depressed)

    I've also noticed that sometimes when minimising, parts of the main window around the edge seem to stay on the primary display.

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    Just upgraded to 1.0 and it is great.

    Somehow I have a problem. When i exit I get an error message

    "Failed to set data for VideoCount".


    Any ideas.





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