Maximum Text Line Length?

We are changing from 4:3 to 16:9 screens, and I'm wondering if just letting the text file the full width will be too long. I remember from desktop publishing days that too-long lines on paper make it hard for the eyes to find the next line.



  • My answer to this has been to create a theme with font size and line spacing that allows my longest sentences to fit on one screen. And then I may go in and add manual breaks for short sentences with awkward breaks for the reasons you stated. But nobody has ever commented one way or the other.
  • Thanks for the reply. My concern is not what to fit on one screen, but how much to fit on one line. With a 4:3 screen I was comfortable letting the lines use the full width. I'm wondering if they will be too long at 16:9. Perhaps a larger font size will be the solution.

    Only slightly related to this thread, I will add that I like wrapped lines to be indented, and I use this formatting code to do it: Outdent od <div style="text-indent:-1em; padding-left:1em;margin:0;float:left;"> </div>
  • You can make the text box the same width as in the 4:3 screen and center it on the 16:9 screen. The extra space at sides focus the viewers eyes on the text while the lenght isn't too long.
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