Hiding song and Bible copyright

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  • Please!!!!!!! , in the songs and bibles do not show the copyright, that is very annoying, and in the bibles give the option to show the biblical quote as John 1: 1, that would be the only thing that would change the program, in these moments using the bible in the church is not easy with Openlp because the biblical quotation appears very small and with a lot of data that are not important. Using Easyworship format would be.. woooooooooooooow

  • Ton:

    The reason that OpenLP shows the copyright, is that it's a legal requirement by International treaties on copyright, for songs it's a CCLI licence requirement.   There are ways around it, like setting the background as black and using black text, but in many countries eliminating it, puts you in violation of the law, and certainly in violation of your licence for CCLI.
  • You can also just put a space in the field
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