Few usability items and feedback

Recently switched to OpenLP from another software. Very impressive work and an excellent church presentation software. And even better that it runs natively in Linux :smile:   Running beautifully and stable in OpenSuse Leap 15.

Just a couple of things we have ran into and I have seen in other threads that I agree would be a huge for usability.

Uncouple backgrounds from themes. This is one of the biggest complaints our operators have. Needing to maintain a separate group of "themes" just to have different backgrounds is a lot of work. Having the background be chosen for each service item would be much more sensible. I know it's been said that it "selecting a theme isn't more work than changing background". But to Add Service Item, Edit Theme (Hit next several times) to Change Image, Back to Item Select Theme, and then coordinate "item 1" with "theme 1" etc.... for every service item is cumbersome and time consuming. There would still be a theme dictating the text formatting and default background but you would usually not change them. You could end up with 3 themes for example, Default Theme, Song Theme, Scripture Theme, Then if background is chosen for service item it would override the default background from the chosen theme. The work flow would be, Add Service Item, Right Click, Choose Theme, Choose Background.

Add a force split for songs. "Optional Split" in songs add a "Force Split". Or add a radio button to force split. There is no way to properly control song slide split. To make it sort of work we blew the text up huge to force it to look for the "optional split" to make the songs flow right. If it's possible to split it would be nice to force it back to split point so songs can be predictable.

Not a big one. Adding a Service Item under highlighted service item. If you want to add an item in the middle of your service it always adds it at the bottom then you have to move it up into place. It would be nice if you could select an item in your service manager and then add a service item directly underneath that item.

Dual screen and monitor setup works well.
Start up and connecting to screens and projectors is smooth and painless.
Over all layout of the work space is very nice and easy to use.

Thank you all for your work on OpenLP. It has been a great upgrade from our previous software and is working very well for us.


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