Countdown Timer

I could only find a couple discussions on this and they were a couple years old. Do we have any ideas for how to implement a countdown timer? Something that just displays time until the service.


  • There are a ton of countdown timer videos on YouTube, most of which have a download link. You could download one of those and show it?
  • May or may not be helpful, but I have sometimes used a custom webpage, running fullscreen behind OpenLP, that automatically counts down the minutes and then seconds to the next hour (and then goes blank for 15 minutes).

    (Tried to see if I could squeeze the code into a custom formatting tag, but I think that was a bit too optimistic.)

    <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <body style="background:black; color:white; text-align:center; font-family:arial; font-size:180px; font-weight:900; margin-top:20%"> <span id="countdown"></span> <script> var deadline = new Date("Jan 1, 2100 00:00:00").getTime(); var x = setInterval(function() { var now = new Date().getTime(); var t = deadline - now; var minutes = Math.floor((t % 3600000) / 60000); var seconds = Math.floor((t % 60000) / 1000); if (minutes > 45) {document.getElementById("countdown").innerHTML = ""; }else if (minutes > 0) {document.getElementById("countdown").innerHTML = minutes + " MINUTES"; }else {document.getElementById("countdown").innerHTML = seconds + " SECONDS"; }}, 1000); </script> </body> </html>
  • How about creating a PowerPoint or Libre Office Impress presentation? Each slide shows for 5 minutes until 5 minutes. Then, at 5 minutes each slide shows for 1 minute. Then, at 2 minutes, they go for 30 seconds. I've used these presentations for other things; and they work great! I can send you one that I created and you can modify it to your liking.
  • Is there any movement on this front? I'm interested in a solution that allows me to place a countdown timer overlayed on top of a looped set of images. A countdown video will not work for us.

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