OpenLP under Linux - Impress crashes

Apologies if this has already been dealt with - I am new here.

When running a service on a laptop, if a slide presentation is launched (.ppt or .odp), OpenLP hangs then crashes. I am using a workaround of switching to another workspace to launch Impress separately and this is fine but a bit of nuisance. Occasionally the presentation will operate within OpenLP correctly, but on running a second presentation some minutes later the crash will occur. Could this be a memory leak (although we have 7.3Gb free/available)?

I can provide more detail but at this point I would just like to know if anyone else might be having this problem.

Sheddingdean Baptists


  • Hey Steve, is there any crash log or error message? That would be helpful. I haven't experienced any Impress crashes, but it may depend on the presentation content.
  • First: My apologies for my unintended disrespect in not responding sooner - I am ridiculously busy at the moment and just couldn't get back to this before today.

    Second: I now have the debug log (attached). I could not see anything untoward but you may. I did discover earlier that we were missing some JRE files which I have now added, but the symptoms are the same: Everything works well until I try to launch an ODP or PPTX file when it all hangs then crashes out. Sometimes the preview window shows the desktop and, within that Preview window, another desktop and so on to infinity.

    The laptop is an HP running Ubuntu 18.04 under an AMD A10-5750m with 7.3GB RAM.
  • Hey Steve, no problem. We understand being busy :-)

    Can you make sure the "python3-uno" package is installed?

    You didn't seem to upload/attach a log file?
  • Bother! I went through the motions for uploading a file so don't know why it failed to arrive. The machine is out of my hands now for a couple of weeks but I shall pick up the thread again when I get it back.
  • (I can't believe it has taken four months to find the time to carry on with this! I must do some load-shedding.)

    I have confirmed that the python3-uno package is definitely installed and that there are no broken packages. This Linux laptop is kept updated.

    This lunchtime I set up a test file containing just an image, a Powerpoint (.ppt) file and a second image. On beginning presentation the first image projects fine, followed by the Powerpoint file under Impress, then on finishing that the second image projects - all ok. Then, relaunching the ppt is when OpenLP crashes. In Live view, the lower 'as displayed' window shows the desktop and, weirdly, in the lower window of THAT image the top level of the desktop is again displayed - like having two mirrors facing one another the images repeat and get smaller. Top right of the screen is a pop-up saying Impress is ready. After this the system more or less freezes and has to be rebooted to regain control. The (small) log file is (hopefully) attached.

    When you have the time, any insight into this situation would be welcomed.

  • Just had a look at the log. Are you saving the powerpoint file in a service file or on the OpenLP data folder? If it is in the data folder, that could explain the problem, since OpenLP can and will delete files put in there.

    If that is not the problem, could you try running with debugging enabled? In linux you can do this by opening a terminal/shell and type "openlp -ld". This will create a much bigger log file which will hopefully help track down the issue.
  • The Powerpoint (or Impress) files are initially saved together with other service components in a work folder created at Home/Documents/1-SHEDDINGDEAN/SERVICE FILES/2019/. Then OpenLP is launched and the file imported from this work folder in the usual way and stored by OpenLP.

    In following your line of enquiry I checked to see where the OpenLP .ozs files are actually being stored and was surprised to find that there was only one file in the default location: /home/sheddingdean/.local/share/openlp/SERVICES/Service 20181014.osz

    If I launch OpenLP and go to load a service it lists all the many currently available files as expected. I have now found these files at Home/Documents/1-SHEDDINGDEAN/OpenLP Services/SERVICES/. The .../OpenLP Services/ folder appears to contain a duplicate set of the folders found in the default storage location but with different contents.

    Launching OpenLP and going to the Advanced Settings dialogue shows the current storage location of files as the expected default, not where they actually are even though it finds them.

    I now wonder if the problem we are experiencing is due to an inadvertent change in storage location declarations made when OpenLP was first installed. Clearly, it is storing and reading files from the alternative location even though this is not shown in the Settings dialogue. Perhaps when OpenLP looks to open the data files the second time around it goes to the default, not the actual, locations and then gets lost?

    The solution would seem to be a clean install of OpenLP, making sure not to change any default file locations. I shall report back when this is done.

    Many thanks for the help so far!
  • Ok. Several items have come to light:

    1. Using Synaptic Package Manager to Completely Remove openLP does not, in fact, completely remove the support files - I had to do this manually.

    2. When the clean installation saves a service file it does so in the /home/sheddingdean/ folder, not in the default /home/sheddingdean/.local/share/openlp/ folder quoted in Advanced Settings.

    3. When OpenLP imports a presentation file it does not save a copy in the /home/sheddingdean/.local/share/openlp/presentations/Impress folder (we have Libre Office and no Powerpoint viewer) but saves a pointer to the original location of the source file. It launches successfully once from here but crashes the second attempt in any new session.

    Other installations may behave differently, but this is what is happening here.

    I am going to alter our usage slightly so that the existing data files are copied into the (apparent) default folders, but then I am out of time. As soon as I can I shall raise a full debug file and post the link. However, I feel I am getting close to the cause of our problem.

  • 1. This is correct. If your package manager were to remove data files, you'd lose all your songs, Bibles, etc during an upgrade, not at all what we want.

    2. This is correct. The location in the advanced settings is for OpenLP-controlled data. A service file is user-controlled data. If you store your service files in OpenLP's data folder, OpenLP doesn't know about the files and may delete them depending on where they are. Keep your user-controlled data in a separate location.

    3. My guess is that your "crash" is due to a known bug with generated slide thumbnails. We have a solution for this in OpenLP 3.0. Without an error message I cannot confirm this, but that is my guess.
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