OpenLP under Linux - Impress crashes

Apologies if this has already been dealt with - I am new here.

When running a service on a laptop, if a slide presentation is launched (.ppt or .odp), OpenLP hangs then crashes. I am using a workaround of switching to another workspace to launch Impress separately and this is fine but a bit of nuisance. Occasionally the presentation will operate within OpenLP correctly, but on running a second presentation some minutes later the crash will occur. Could this be a memory leak (although we have 7.3Gb free/available)?

I can provide more detail but at this point I would just like to know if anyone else might be having this problem.

Sheddingdean Baptists


  • Hey Steve, is there any crash log or error message? That would be helpful. I haven't experienced any Impress crashes, but it may depend on the presentation content.
  • First: My apologies for my unintended disrespect in not responding sooner - I am ridiculously busy at the moment and just couldn't get back to this before today.

    Second: I now have the debug log (attached). I could not see anything untoward but you may. I did discover earlier that we were missing some JRE files which I have now added, but the symptoms are the same: Everything works well until I try to launch an ODP or PPTX file when it all hangs then crashes out. Sometimes the preview window shows the desktop and, within that Preview window, another desktop and so on to infinity.

    The laptop is an HP running Ubuntu 18.04 under an AMD A10-5750m with 7.3GB RAM.
  • Hey Steve, no problem. We understand being busy :-)

    Can you make sure the "python3-uno" package is installed?

    You didn't seem to upload/attach a log file?
  • Bother! I went through the motions for uploading a file so don't know why it failed to arrive. The machine is out of my hands now for a couple of weeks but I shall pick up the thread again when I get it back.
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