Text direction can be set to Auto for Arabic RTL?

I am praising the Lord for this amazing program. May His Grace cover all the developers.

We are using OpenLP 2.4.6 on Windows 10 home.
Arabic songs and Bible are used. We have exported Songs Database from ZionWorx, they are more than 1000 songs.
To display them in proper direction (RTL), I have to edit one by one and add to each verse the '<span dir="auto">'.
For Bibles no way to display it in RTL.
is there any solution to let OpenLP use Auto text direction always?
God's blessings on all 


  • Hi Camil,
    I'm sorry to say that there is no better way to solve this in OpenLP 2.4, than the one you're already doing.'
    We will make sure to fix this in the next version!
  • edited January 2019
    Hope we will get the next update soon... :smile:
    Thank you for your reply.
    God Bless
  • We see that release 2.9.1 is coming soon, as well as release 3. Hoping that Text Direction will not be missed.
    God Bless.
  • Do you have access to an online Arabic Bible?  You can try this to help with the Bible issue until a fix is released. 
    1. Access the online Bible.   
    2. Lookup the book and verses you need.
    3. Copy the Bible Verses from the online Bible.
    4. Create a new SONG in OpenLP.
    5. Add a verse to the song.
    6. Paste the Bible Verses into the new song verse.
    7. Select all of the text you pasted into the song.
    8. Add the Formatting Tag to the Bible Verses.
    9. Add a name and Author to the song and save the Song.
    At this point you should have the Bible verses going the right direction when presented. 
    You could edit the song and insert optional splits to help OpenLP to split the Bible Verses into multiple screens in the correct spots!
    The Formatting Tag I used is <span dir="RTL">.....I am using Windows 10, OpenLP 2.4.6, and Windows is set to English
    The web site I used for the online Bible was https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=%EF%BA%8D%EF%BB%9F%EF%BA%A8%EF%BA%AE%EF%BB%AD%EF%BA%9D+1&version=ERV-AR
    but this process should work with most online Bibles.

  • Thank you John for your reply.
    I already have the Arabic Bible as PowerPoint, it's very well done and it displays 1 verse per slide. I can share it if needed.
    I have also HTML Bible version that can be displayed as continuous, you can get it from this link: http://ebible.org/arb-vd/arb-vd_html.zip

    I was just looking for the OpenLP Bible because it can be easily customized, to display 1 verse per screen or continuous.
    Also, it's in the same program.

    Thank you again, God bless...
  • I found a way to speed up your song editing....This is a bit technical, but you should have no fear of trying it.
    1. Backup your data!  The manual can help you backup your data. Make sure you backup your data!
    2. Open OpenLP
    3. Select Settings->Configure Formatting Tags
    4. Find the Tag you created to format text for Right to Left
    5. Write down the TAG.
    6. Close OpenLP
    7. Open the songs directory in your data directory.  
    8. Copy the path to your songs directory.
    9. Open 'https://sqliteonline.com/'  This is an online SQLITE browser that can read, modify and save your songs database.
    10. Once the website is up, select File then select Open DB.
    11. Paste the path to your songs directory into the 'open' window, refresh the path and select the songs.sqlite file.
    12. The website will update....in the left column labeled 'table' double left click on the table named 'songs'
    13. The website will update....in the top of the right column will be code that should say 'SELECT * FROM 'songs';'
    14. Below the code is the list of the songs in the database....you could scroll through the list to find the songs you need....OR you can paste this next line over the code above the list.

      select id, title from songs where title like '%all%';

      This line will allow you to search for a title with a partial title.
    15. Replace the text 'all' near the end of the line with the title you need to find.
    16. Select Run.
    17. The website will update again and you will see a list of songs that contain your results.
    18. Find the song you were searching for and write down the id number.  You can repeat the steps starting when you replaced the text with your title for each song you need to update.  Just remember to write down the id numbers.
    19. Once you have all the id numbers you are going to update, copy the following two lines and paste them over the code above the title search results.

      update songs set lyrics = replace(lyrics, '<![CDATA[', '<![CDATA[{TAG}') where id = 1;
      update songs set lyrics = replace(lyrics, ']]>', '{/TAG}]]>') where id = 1;

    20. Select the word TAG in the first line and replace it with the Tag for the right to left formatting tag
    21. Select the word TAG in the second line and replace it with the Tag for the right to left formatting tag
    22. Replace the number 1 on the end of each line with the id number for the song you need to edit.
    23. Double check your work!  If you have replaced the word TAG and the number 1 on both lines, select Run
    24. Change the number at the end of each line to the next id number you want to update and select Run
    25. Repeat the step above to update each id number.
    26. When you have updated the songs you needed to update, select File->Save db and select the same song.sqlite file you opened.
    27. Open OpenLP and view the songs you updated.  They should all have the verses updated with your right to left formatting Tag.
    28. Close the web browser.
    If something is wrong, close OpenLP and copy the backup file over the file you modified and you are back where you started....
  • thank you very much for your interest.
    I just saw your reply now. I will try it, hope it will work.
    God bless...
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