Older version and list

I had a computer crash and was running an older version on windows 7.  I have the older version running again with my son's help.  I had a laptop running windows 7 and copied the song database and loaded it back on the desktop.  I do see all my songs and can load them over to be used. But when I try to save the service I get
list index out of bounds (-1).   Any one give me some help as to how to get it to save.  I would like to use the desk top for loading and saving and am trying to get another desktop running to use at the church and not carry my laptop in and out each service.  Any and all help appreciated.  AL


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    You can't open newer OpenLP files or databases with older versions of OpenLP. If they do work, that's not intentional. You need to use the same version of OpenLP (or newer) to open those files.

    I recommend using the song importer and using the "OpenLP version 2 database" option to import your OpenLP database.
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