Live Preview Beginner Question (!?) Is there a shortcut for "Show Preview"?

Hello, in our church we start songs not always with the same verse or chorus and not always in the same language.


Is there a way, that the song will not automatically start with the first verse (according to the set verse order)?

Because it would be really annoying if the first lyric slide send to love is many times a wrong one...

I actually found that I can send a song from the Preview Manager to Preview by right clicking and then clicking on Show Preview…. But there seems to be no Shortcut for this function which is really sad!


Can somebody give me a tip or maybe tell me how to be able to use a short cut for Show Preview


Thanks in advance! God bless U!  :)


  • Hello, Sebsra!

    I don't know if it's the default option, but in my computer it shows this when I right-clic an item:

    It says Return send it to Preview, and Shift + Return to Live

    If your computer doesn't show that, change it on Settings > Configure Shortcuts...
  • If the song is in the 'Service Manager', you can expand the song in the Service Manager and double click on the verse you want to present.  In my church we add "Title" to each song using the "Other" tab and display this first...this gives us the ability to select the verse we want while the intro to the song plays.
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