openLP image change at startup

First of all it's awesome software to use in assembly. 

I am wondering that when it startup it shows OPENLP image and goes to projector. How to change that image so it shows our church logo image when it starts up. I have changed in advance setting from openLP splash image to our church logo image but it  doesn't work and still shows OPENLP image at startup. Even i tried to disable OPNELP image at startup. It doesn't show openLP image at startup but i want to display my church logo image at startup.

Please help me.


  • My church solved this by extending the desktop, not duplicating it.  This means that our laptop has the full desktop, the first and second projectors have the desktop background only.  We set the monitor for output to the first projector.  When we start OpenLP the laptop screen shows the openLP splash screen and the first projector has the screen you can change in the advanced screen of the configuration default it is a white screen with the OpenLP logo....but as I said you can change this to your church's logo on the advanced screen in 'Configuring OpenLP'.
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