Powerpoint (unavailable) in Configure OpenLP Available Controllers

I have recently started to use OpenLP so apologies if there is an answer already to this but I have struggled to find it if it is out there.

As per the title Powerpoint is unavailable. This means that when I try to add a presentation in the normal OpenLP screen I only have the option to add a pdf. I have tried uninstalling office and reinstalling and that hasn't worked I have also updated OpenLP to the newest version (2.4.6) all to no avail. Please can someone help me as it seems like there should be an easy answer to this and once I can add powerpoint into OpenLP it will make my life so much easier!

The only other possibility I have found is that I currently have two Powerpoint apps in the start menu one which works and one which doesn't. I have been unable to find a way to get rid of the other one despite trawling Microsoft forums also. I don't know if this will have an impact?



  • Alan
        You didn't mention what OS or what version of PowerPoint you have.  In the latest version of the manual there are a few comments about what version of PowerPoint and PowerPoint viewer work with OpenLP.  take a look and if you still have questions, please let us know.
  • Are you on Mac OS? OpenLP does not currently support PowerPoint on Mac OS.
  • Thanks for your replies.

    I am on Windows 10 with Office 365 (and therefore Office 2016). So I had another look at the manual, I can see that OpenLP doesn't currently support PowerPoint 10 so I assume it also can't with Office 2016?

    I therefore downloaded PowerPoint Viewer 2007 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=27806
    (The link in the manual is out of date) and this works provided PowerPoint is open before OpenLP (which is a tad annoying but means at least I can get a presentation into OpenLP.)

    Can you think of something I am doing wrong or a setting I can change that means PowerPoint has to be open first or is that just something I'll have to live with? Thanks.
  • Thank you for the updated link!  I'll get that updated.
    I run Windows 10 with office 365 and OpenLP and I don't have your issue....I open OpenLP and double click on the item in the Service Manager and the PowerPoint opens and acts like normal....They loop forever!  To get out I select the next item in the service manager and go through the service in OpenLP.

    A few question might help to find the solution.
    1. Are you running the 32 bit or 64 bit version of office 365?  You can find this in PowerPoint under account -> about PowerPoint.
    2. In OpenLP settings ->presentations, what do you have selected?

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