Problems in Mac OSX

Recently my Mac got buggy so i began to clean everything I can.  As part of that, I completely uninstalled OpenLP and reinstalled a fresh copy.  Ever since then, OpenLP has been buggy, even after 2 subsequent uninstalls and reinstalls.  And when I say complete uninstall, I mean settings, files and everything.  Now, every program works like a charm, except OpenLP.   One of the problems I am having I just have to work around because evidently some shortcut keys were changed in the program somehow and I can't advance it with my presentation remote anymore.  On to my other issues.  #1) Every single time I open the program, it "opens" 2 copies according to activity monitor.  One of those copies is permanently red and listed as nonresponsive.  The problem is when you force either copy to close, both copies close.   #2) I put together a group of images for announcements to cycle through before the service starts.  I have always done this with no real issues.  Now, if I cycle the image loop for longer than about 10-15 minutes, the program uses up all 16GB of RAM and my Swap partition and then freezes.  The program freezes and it freezes the entire computer.  It's to the point where OpenLP seems unusable for my purposes, which I hate.  Anybody experience anything similar?  Any fixes?


  • Hi!

    Which OpenLP version are you running now? And which version did you have before?

    About the remote issue: Does it work in other applications? OpenLP should just respond to the remote as if it was standard key presses on the keyboard.

    I don't know enough about Mac to answer the double-process-issue. Does it also opens 2 windows?

    Regarding the image-loop. How many images are in the loop? We've had some issues that OpenLP could eat up all memory if you have a very large image presentation....
  • Unfortunately it would likely be the case that the OpenLP installation was not fully removed. As you know MacOS does not have a system wide uninstall function and after removing an application (the APP file which is actually a folder) there can and will be a bunch of other stuff.

    Normally to totally purge everything I do a Finder search telling it to look for System Files and usually there are many folders, plist files etc. spread across the machine. I don't believe it can be said that the issue is with OpenLP being buggy because as you said your Mac got unstable first. The fact that you see two instances of OpenLP running fairly conclusively would point to the fact that the initial install was not fully purged.

    Even if I do a Finder search including system files it may not show all folders. Below is a screenshot from a Mac cleanup/uninstaller I have which shows all related folders created by my Mac when OpenLP was installed.

    It is pretty likely there is still something lurking on your Mac related to the old OpenLP install.

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