Singing The Faith Importer

The Methodist Church of Great Britain authorised a new Hymn book called Singing The Faith in 2011. Some of the words are revised from those in Hymns and Psalms, so it is important to be projecting the expected words. There is an electronic version available from, which runs only on Windows and needs a licence key to activate. It only produces output as Text, RTF, Word and PowerPoint, of which the most useful version from an OpenLP point of view is Text.

The Text files it produces are fairly basic, although the Song Import Wizard - using the Generic Document/Presentation importer makes a fairly good job of many of them.
I have started a Singing The Faith Importer, following

The plan is to deal with simple cases simply using the exported text files, and to add heuristics via a hints file to deal with all the cases where the import fails.


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