Output to multiple monitors

I have a computer with a monitor and then 2 43" TV displays mounted in the sanctuary.  Windows sees all 3 displays.  OpenLP is also able to detect 3 displays / monitors but there isn't a setting (that I have found) to direct the output to both monitors.  I have to pick one of the 3 displays.

Am I missing something or is this software not capable of simultaneously outputting to both screens?


  • OpenLP is setup to display to a single 'live' display, but Windows will allow you to duplicate your two TV displays.  Then you select either display in OpenLP and It will display to both TVs.  If you need help duplicating your screens in Windows, please remember to tell us what version of Windows you are running.

    Another option is to use a Video spliter for the two TVs.  This is more of a last resort....you said Windows sees all three displays....Try duplicating your displays in Windows!
  • JohnM,

    Thank you sir!  My video card was flaky, so, I did replace it.  Once I did that, I had stability, finally.  I was able to clone monitors 2 & 3 and OpenLP saw it as "screen 2".  I'm in business!
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