OpenLP 2.4 not recognising Powerpoint installed

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As the title says, I have OpenLP 2.4 installed along with Powerpoint (Office 365) however the option to use powerpoint is greyed out. I can't find any other discussions that mention this specific issue! Any help gratefully received. Laptop is Windows 10 with 64 bit system. 

On an older laptop Powerpoints were easy to use, but the option is completely unavailable on the new one, despite Powerpoint being installed. 

Edit to add I have read elsewhere that OpenLP doesn't work with Office 365 products! Can anyone tell me what the best solution is please?


  • What version of PowerPoint are you using?
    As a workaround you can install the PowerPoint viewer....get the newest version you can!  Microsoft is no longer supporting the PowerPoint viewer, but it will work with OpenLP 2.4.x
    There is a thread in the forum about using the reader as the link in the manual needs to be updated...this is the link to the 2007 viewer that is known to work with OpenLP.

    Good luck and let us know if you continue to have issues.
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