Quickly Switching From PowerPoint To Bible Verses And Back

Is this possible: while showing a powerpoint slide, pastor refers to a scripture. I would like to be able to bring up that scripture & then quickly back to powerpoint slide that was being shown.


  • This is possible if you are presenting to a different screen than the screen the app is on or are using the remote app and will require a bit of preparation.

    Using the main OpenLP screen to navigate:
    In the Service on the right side of OpenLP, open the presentation so you can see all the slides.  Then open the Bible verses so you can see each of the verses.  Start the presentation and when you want to view the Bible verse, double click it in the Service.  When you want to go back to the presentation, just double click on the slide you want to go back to.

    And if you are picking Bible verses from the Bible on the left of the OpenLP screen, you can present the verse directly from there and double click on the presentation slide in the Service on the right side of the screen when you want to return.  You need to have the presentation expanded so you can see all the slides and remember where you want to go back to.

    Using a remote:
    The same thing is possible in the Android or OS x app or from the remote web browser.  All three allow you to see the slides of the presentation and the bible verses.  Follow the basic idea above in any of the three remote apps and you can switch between the presentation and a verse.
  • Thank you. The problem I have encountered is that my pastor's slides, say slide 1, will have a heading and then within the same slide, several additional lines. So, when I go back to that slide, only the heading comes up, not back to, say, line 2.
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