Meaning of temporary=1 in songs.sqlite songs table?

What is the purpose of the songs.temporary column in the songs.sqlite DB? I have over 250+ songs with this flag set... Also, please see General Discussion "Deleting duplicate songs deletes ALL copies of song".


  • In songs.sqlite, what does songs.temporary=1 s
  • Please stop posting multiple of the same question on the forums. Everyone is busy, not everyone in the OpenLP team gets to the forums every day. Please be patient.
  • Records with songs.temporary=1 are just temp records.  The temporary flag gets set when a song is edited or created.  They are never exported or displayed in the application and at some point they are removed.  yes they make the database larger, but not having them could cause the loss of a song when an edit of the song causes an error that can not be saved!  Better to have a bit of wasted space than to not have the song you were just editing!
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    Raoul - sorry about the double post - it was accidental. I had 2 windows open and this shorter question "got away" before completion.

    Note that the reason I brought it up is that it seems like it might tie into my earlier question about doing a Find Duplicates and ending up with no songs left. I believe that Find Duplicates may in fact display the temporary=1 flagged songs. If you then delete all but the temporary song, it appears that you have no song left. This is largely conjecture on my part but would explain what I've seen.
  • The temporary=1 songs should be removed each time you close OpenLP.....because of a language change in a previous version of the database control software, this is not happening on version 2.4.6. A bug has been created for this issue and a correction should happen in the next version that is due out this year.

    The temporary=1 songs were shown by the duplicate removal wizard with no way to know they were the temporary=1 songs.  A feature improvement request has been logged to add more information to the wizard.  

    Thank you for helping us to understand this issue.
  • Thanks - Might I suggest (as I've done elsewhere) that part of the "add more information" would also include the "Last Modified" date. This could make it a whole lot easier to know which to delete.
  • I'll add that to the request...for me it was theme and songbook....I have the same songs for three groups of musicians....with only minor changes between the groups...and anything without a theme was created when a service was opened....but your right, the modified date is just as important!
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