Importing Bible

I just installed openlp and am having trouble figuring out how to import a bible. The manual is not clear on this. I work at another church that has been using openlp for many years and I can't remember how I imported a bible version. My question is, after I select the format OSIS, how do I know what bible file to use? None of the file names make any sense to me.


  • The OSIS format is one  XML standard format for a downloadable Bible.  You will need to find the Bible version you wish to use and then download it to the computer before you can use this option.  If you have the Bibles downloaded on a different computer, you can copy them to the current computer and then import them.

    With the exception of the Web Download Bibles you need to download the Bible files to your computer before you can import them.  The Web Download Bibles require an internet connection when you set them up and when you search for the verses.

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