Missing Features in Web App for Final Project at CS50

Hi everyone, I'm Exkywor and I'm learning programming. Currently, I am at the end of CS50's Introduction to Computer Science, with only the final project pending to do.

For the final project at the course, I wanted to add some features to OpenLP's web app that I think would be useful, at least at my church, like:
- Change theme
- Change Bible version
- Edit existing song's lyrics
- Add new songs

Before beginning the project however I was wondering the reason why such features haven't been added, because if it has been due to time, demand, or security (like the risk of having someone edit something they shouldn't) then I think I can try to do the project but, if it is because the features are very tough to implement due to OpenLP's code then I think I'd better try something else.

So, my question basically is:
Have those features not been implemented because they are not easy to implement or other reasons?


  • Most features that people request have not been implemented because we are a team of volunteers working in our spare time. Most of us have families and other responsibilities, and we don't have the time we'd like to develop those features.

    Most of the features you have suggested there are definitely possible, but I highly recommend you join our mailing list and send an e-mail to the team. We've got some major changes since 2.4.6 was released which will affect these features you want to develop.
  • Thanks for replying. I'll try to contact the team.
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