Feature request: Lyric panel option rather than line by line

OpenLP is fairly awesome but it lacks a couple of things that would make operating a worship service slightly easier and smoother. If the lyric lines of the live song could be in panels across the screen rather than just lines down the screen, that would be helpful for finding slides. Another option would be to colour the chorus tab to help locate it quickly. These are available in other more costly products like ProPresenter and make a big difference. Thanks!


  • Thank you for the suggestions! 

    I'll add them to our Feature request list.  To make sure I understand, you would like the choruses to by highlighted in the Preview pane to make it easier to find quickly....right?
    And you would like the option to have the preview of the verses and choruses go across the screen rather than down the screen... right?

    Have you tried the "Live" mode under the "View" menu option?  In this view you can see the song that is being sent to the live screen with a lot more of the slide visible.  You can resize the bottom center section of the screen to allow more room for the slides in the top center section.  If you used the Formatting Tag for chordline and chords, you could put the word 'CHORUS' at the top of the chorus inside the chord tag inside the chordline tag.  You would see it in the preview panel, but it wouldn't display to the Live screen.....I know this isn't what you are asking for, but it may help find the chorus in a hurry!
  • Thanks John, yes, that’s correct.

    We’re using the live option at the moment and it does make it easier to find the lyrics.

    Thank you for the chordline suggestion in the meantime, we’ll give it a try.
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