Problem when searching Bible from remote


I am a new user of OpenLP. So far I am very pleased with everything! I have just one problem. I have installed the Reina Valera in my computer (MacBook Pro Late 2010). I can do searches and display the verses just fine. But when I use the remote app from my iPhone or iPad I cannot do any search. It says "An error occurred. try again." Do you know wht happens? Any solution? By the way, thanks for this wonderful application.


  • If I do it from my desktop it works just fine. There must be an error from my laptop.
  • JSegurado,  I don't know if there is a firewall or other security setting preventing another computer from connecting to the computer running OpenLP.  I would check that first.  I use Linux and Windows versions, but can't help with the Mac.  From the OpenLP menu Settings -- Configure OpenLP -- Remote will display the settings for connecting.  It also shows the ip address with port number and "stage" or "main" after it.  Just be sure you are typing the address exactly as listed there for the tree remote displays.  Good luck!
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