Multiple Languages (More than two) - How Difficult?

How difficult would it be to modify the code so that the program could load more than just two different language bibles, say three, or four?

It's something that would be useful for us, and since the function is essentially there already, how hard would it be to add the ability to choose one or two more?

I'm not a programmer but I've played with code before and understand and modify it, so with enough time I might be able to manage it here, if it's not too difficult.



  • We use RVR 1960 (Spanish) and ESV (English).  Occasionally, displaying one of the longer verses in just those two languages over-runs the amount we can display at a time.  Songs are more problematic.  We try to put only 5 lines in each language with a blank line between.  That is about the limit (especially when one line word-wraps to make 6 lines in each language with the blank line between).  I can't imagine adding a 3rd language.  Good luck!
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