Raspberry PI 4 and OpenLP

New Raspberry is 'much stronger' and offers two HDMI outputs. 
Anyone installed OpenLP on Raspbian Linux version?


  • I know one of the developers has installed on a Raspbian Linux in the past, I just don't know what level of the PI was used.  I will see if I can get someone to review this post....are you having issues?

  • No, no issues yet. Yust asking before buying latest version of Raspberry. 
  • I have two Raspberry Pi 3 installations running with no issues, since the Raspbian upgrade in November 2018 VLC works to display 1080P video but there is an odd hardly noticeable glitch from time to time, but this could be my SD cards are too slow. The glitches are so minor I haven't bothered to try 720P files as that would be fine given the distance people are from the screen.

    We run using android remotes during the service (use Amazon Fire 7 tablets). The service is setup on a separate computer with the openlp data directory in Dropbox and then this is synchronized with the Raspberry Pi installation.

    Our installation is modelled on the one in https://forums.openlp.org/discussion/4023/portable-worship-hub-on-openlp

    Will upgrade to Raspberry Pi 4 and run OpenLP on HDMI 1 and display the service on HDMI 2. HDMI 1 would be hooked up to an HDMI on the local TV and available on Teamviewer or VNC. HDMI 2 hooked to the splitter that goes to all three TVs in the room. That way the local TV can be switched between the desktop and the service with no impact on the other TVs

  • Thanks for the update.  It sounds like you have this figured out!
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