X Windows and HDMI at the same time?

I'm running OpenLP 2.4(.6?) on a Raspberry Pi 3 with a single HDMI port. I am accessing the GUI on another machine via an X session over SSH and for creating a playlist it works perfectly, BUT when I try to go live it obviously uses my access terminal for the output display. Is there anyway I can use the GUI as a presenter view over SSH and output the service on the HDMI port?

I'm a Linux noob and I'm already stretching my knowledge. I've toggled the "Display if a single screen" in Configure>General. Any experts have an idea?


  • OpenLP has a remote function....it is a plugin that must be active to use...check the user manual on how to enable the remote plugin.  

    With only one display, OpenLP's Live display will show on the 'one' display.  The very same screen you are accessing in the X session.  You can control OpenLP using the remote URL and a web browser or a phone.  Using this feature you are not seeing the devices screen.  This may be better when presenting.

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