CCLI crash

Greetings. Our church sound room laptop is old and convoluted - we know its time for a replacement but a last ditch effort to revive it went as follows: It's a HP G7 and about a 2012 vintage running Windows 7 Pro with 4 gig memory and about 800 gig HDD. Strange things were happening when running OpenLP so I completely reloaded the OS then downloaded the current version of OpenLP. The performance is better with one exception, when we try and log into CCLI to import missing songs, the program locks up (Alt f4 unfreezes it). Importing Songs, Audio or Bible works fine - only when attempting to logon CCLI do we encounter the issue. My home PC also has the same OpenLP version and the CCLI import feature works perfect using our login and password! Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this issue with the laptop? Note: prior to the Windows reload (on the laptop) the CCLI feature worked just fine.



St Andrew UMC

Titusville (FL)


  • Mike can you log into the CCLI site, search for a missing song, download the song and import it into OpenLP?  This is the workaround for a site that won't work....and if a certificate was removed when you reloaded the OS this might create what is needed to allow you to load songs within OpenLP.
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