Theme Not Changing

We have a VBS coming up and I was requested to change it up from our normal, just text on a black background, however when i created the new themes and selected them as default, the theme didn't change when I put a new song up.

attached is a video demonstrating what I am doing


  • The global Default Theme only works if the "song" does not have a Theme in it....Edit a song in the Library, select the  "Theme, Copyright info & Comments" Tab.  The Theme box should be empty.

    I could not see the right side of the OpenLP window clearly, so here is how I change the default Theme

    In the Theme Manager, right click on a Theme, then select set "Set as Global Default"

    Now preview a song with no Theme listed and it should preview with the new Global Default Theme.

    Another way is to set the Theme in the Song.  This way the Theme is always the same for that Song.  Makes the presentation much easier as you don't have to change anything when presenting.
  • Thanks for the reply John, I was writing a response and realized the issue. 100% my fault issue. I realized that "Black Background" was selected in the Service Manager. so Ive changed settings to just use global theme.

    Thanks again for the quick response. sorry for wasting a bit of your time.
  • Sometimes just asking questions leads you to the answer you need!
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