[Feature Request] Alerts/Messages in Stage View

Hi there!

Long-time user of OpenLP here (and I mean about 6+ years). Love the program, and it's amazing.

I have started using OpenLP not just at our local church, but also at large (thousands of people) events with huge stages. For our needs, it is by far the best and easiest. (We used to use ProPresenter, but I showed them how much easier/better OpenLP was for our needs, and they had to agree... hehe!)

We have also started using Stage View at our local church. The musicians will rehearse from their sheet music, but then the front row of singers will get rid of the music stands during the service, and we just have a laptop/tablet hidden out of view, with a web browser open to Stage View in case we forget a line. Stage View is excellent for this purpose, and we love it.

HOWEVER, Stage View unfortunately has one large weakness: No possibility to send Alerts or Messages to it.

At the huge youth festivals where we use OpenLP to display the lyrics, we have to send the main feed to the foldback screens, and then send messages to the band/preacher by blanking the main screen, then setting up a custom slide, displaying it (only on the foldback screen because the main screen is blanked) and then un-blanking the main screen again.

At our local church, which has no foldback screen, and just a hidden laptop/tablet, we have no way to send messages to the band/preacher (e.g. about something they forgot, or to let them know e.g. they only have 5 minutes left).

If there was a way to send an alert/message only to Stage View, both sets of circumstances would be solved. We could use stage view at the huge festival, AND we could send alerts/messages to the stage at our local church.

I'm not a programmer (at all!) which is why I am requesting this.

I would be more than willing to help in any way and answer any questions, but this feature would probably get a lot of people I know to get rid of ProPresenter and use OpenLP instead.

Thanks so much for reading, and thanks again to all developers and contributors for the awesome product!
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