Is there a way in a song to force a new screen?

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What I'm looking for is a way to segment a song by forcing a new slide - independent of the current theme - without adding multiple blank lines. For example: theme has space for five lines, verse 1 has a total of 6 lines, chorus has 4 lines. I would like to embed something (<br> doesn't seem to work for this) so that slide 1 shows 3 lines V1, slide 2 shows 3 lines V1, slide 3 shows 2 lines C1, slide 4 shows 2 lines C1. This would allow a way to logically break up verses better than having just a single theme.

I realize that I could accomplish this by editing the song so I had 3 lines of text + 2 blanks lines, etc. but this make it more difficult to later change to a theme with a different amount of text space. Alternatively, having the theme be able to specify the number of lines, rather than just amount of space, would also work (and maybe be a better solution!)

Does anything like this exist that I've missed, or is it planned in the (soon come!) V3 release? 


  • Split your verse where you want it to split, and give it the same name. So you'd end up with 2 "verse 1"s. In the verse order, just specify "V1" and both will come up.
  • The current version of OpenLP has an optional split that you can put at the point you want it to V1 line 3 then the optional split....

    That way if the theme only has room for 5 lines and the verse is 6 lines it will automatically split it into 2 slides where you want it to, but if the theme has room for 6 lines it will have all 6 lines.
  • Raoul - Great tip! That does exactly what I was looking for! Just wish I'd learned/asked earlier!!

    JohnM - Thanks for the suggestion, but your method isn't quite what I was looking for. It the difference between optional and mandatory break. Your method breaks a verse if there isn't room in the theme, while i was looking for a way to enforce a split when there was enough room.
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