Is there a way in a song to force a new screen?

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What I'm looking for is a way to segment a song by forcing a new slide - independent of the current theme - without adding multiple blank lines. For example: theme has space for five lines, verse 1 has a total of 6 lines, chorus has 4 lines. I would like to embed something (<br> doesn't seem to work for this) so that slide 1 shows 3 lines V1, slide 2 shows 3 lines V1, slide 3 shows 2 lines C1, slide 4 shows 2 lines C1. This would allow a way to logically break up verses better than having just a single theme.

I realize that I could accomplish this by editing the song so I had 3 lines of text + 2 blanks lines, etc. but this make it more difficult to later change to a theme with a different amount of text space. Alternatively, having the theme be able to specify the number of lines, rather than just amount of space, would also work (and maybe be a better solution!)

Does anything like this exist that I've missed, or is it planned in the (soon come!) V3 release? 


  • Split your verse where you want it to split, and give it the same name. So you'd end up with 2 "verse 1"s. In the verse order, just specify "V1" and both will come up.
  • The current version of OpenLP has an optional split that you can put at the point you want it to V1 line 3 then the optional split....

    That way if the theme only has room for 5 lines and the verse is 6 lines it will automatically split it into 2 slides where you want it to, but if the theme has room for 6 lines it will have all 6 lines.
  • Raoul - Great tip! That does exactly what I was looking for! Just wish I'd learned/asked earlier!!

    JohnM - Thanks for the suggestion, but your method isn't quite what I was looking for. It the difference between optional and mandatory break. Your method breaks a verse if there isn't room in the theme, while i was looking for a way to enforce a split when there was enough room.
  • I'm a bit late to this discussion, but it is something that I've been looking at recently as I have just returned to projection after a "layoff".

    Both the optional split suggested by @JohnM and the method suggested by @raoul of splitting the verse/chorus/whatever will work, but it can become tedious.

    I would like to have the option of specifying (within the theme?) the maximum number of lines should be displayed on each screen. I realise that something similar can be achieved by changing the font, the point size, and the line spacing in the main area font details section when creating or editing a theme. And some very slight changes can be achieved by changing the footer area font details. However, one can only go so far with enlarging the text before it starts looking ridiculous! Enlarging the text also makes the text more unlikely to not fit onto the line. And that means more problems are encountered unnecessarily.

    It seems to me, from a user's point of view, that being able to specify the maximum number of lines would solve a headache for users and potentially eliminate many questions on the forums.

    The next question is, 'how difficult is it to write that into the programme?'

    I wonder what other people think.

  • @AndrewK ; I can't answer how hard it would be to write a maximum line number into the program....but i know it isn't hard to set a Theme so it can only display x lines when the Theme is used.

    I use 60pt or 80pt fonts in my Themes.  So I change the Main area so the height is just short of 5 times the font size.  I also use the Formatting Tags so I can change the font color or size or alignment within a specific song.

    Not as easy as adding the line count to the Theme, but once set I don't have to do it twice!

  • I opened issue #336 for this Feature Request.  Adding this to the issue list doesn't mean it will happen, but it puts it in front of the Development team!
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