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I'm considering ditching EasyWorship because of the cost.  OpenLP 2.4.6 seems to fit the bill for what we need - it's got most of the features that we're using in EW 2019 and we can cope without the remaining few.
As I start the changeover, I've successfully imported the song database from EW, and I'm now looking at the other things.  (I've looked at the manual and the forums, but haven't come up with answers to the following questions, and would welcome any advice.

  1. Is there a way to add all the pictures that we currently have in EW in one go?  They exist as .png or .jpg files in the EW database directories.  Can I simply copy the files into an appropriate OpenLP folder somewhere, or do I have to add them inside OpenLP one at a time?
  2. A similar question arises for videos, though we have fewer of them, so if I have to add them one at a time I could cope with that, though I hope I don't have to.
  3. A similar question arises for the theme that we use - one we created ourselves - in EW?  I suspect there isn't, and I'll have to recreate it by hand.  (Fortunately, we only use one theme!)
  4. In EW, we had created a number of slides of text that is used fairly often.  We had created them as "songs" because that was the only way to do it.  They have been imported into OpenLP as songs.  OpenLP has a library of Custom Slides which I think is designed specifically for this purpose.  Is it possible to "move" a Song across into the Custom Slides Library?
  5. Finally (at this stage, though I'm sure I'll have more questions later!), I presume it's not possible to import a Bible from EW 2019 into OpenLP.  Is that right?

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  • Glad you are looking at OpenLP!  We have a new version almost ready to date yet, but it is coming along nicely!

    For items 1 and 2, you should be able to select multiple items at a time within a single need to more the items to a specific directory as long as they are in one.  I was able to upload 30 pictures at once with no issues!

    For item 3, if you only have one theme, I would create it in OpenLP...this is simple and documented in the manual.

    For Item 4,  You can move them to the Custom area OR leave them as songs.  Moving them is outlined on the wiki, but is something that was outlined a few revisions ago and is only for the experienced user.  I actually went the other way!  I created a songbook for the liturgy and another for each of the praise leaders.  This allows the praise leaders to sing the songs they they want to without having to keep changing between each leader!  Then changed the Songs so they are sorted by songbook....this way the liturgy is all grouped together and the songs are grouped by the praise leaders.

    For Item 5, you are correct that the Bibles won't import....copyright is a big part of the issue, but the resources in the Wiki will help you find almost every Bible in a format that can be imported. Keep in mind that the Web Bibles can only be searched when you have Web access, but if you put the verses in your service you won't need Web access to display the verses.

    Please let us know if we can help in any way!
  • Thanks for the reply.  That's a great help!

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