Video Plays Audio only once

I have a strange problem with OpenLP on a laptop at a church without internet access. I use OpenLP to play a series of videos and pictures during worship. For the last couple of weeks the video plays fine once, then it will play other videos when selected but without any sound. I have been able to reset the player to get sound again by going into Configure OpenLP settings and selecting PLAYER. After changing the PLAYER, (I am using VLC) setting by removing Webkit or using Webkit or almost any other change, the Audio will work with the next video.... but again, only once. For each video I have to go into settings and change the PLAYER settings. Seems like that is resetting the Video player, but I don't understand why that is necessary now.  I don't have internet access at the church so I don't have a debug file to include here. I am hoping you could give me some ideas of where to look.... is there some other setting that I am missing? It was working fine up until about two weeks ago. I don't think I changed anything but something has happened. Oh, I did install the lastest VLC and reinstalled the latest OpenLP hoping that might help. It didn't.


  • Just a bit more info that might be helpful. It is an older HP laptop running Windows10.
  • Any chance the laptop received any Windows updates?

    You could look into rolling back to a set point a couple weeks back and see if it works better then...
  • Not sure about updates. Probably no updates since I started using it at the church. since it doesn't have access to the internet. It was working there and then this problem developed. So, I don't think a Windows update caused it. I may just try another laptop. I have some older ones.
  • If the laptop has not gotten updates then you can try to eliminate changes in OpenLP....
    before you begin, make a backup of the data directory...the manual will tell you how.  Export the settings and add them to the backup!  don't forget to save your will use it latter.

    now you are ready to clean OpenLP  
    1. open OpenLP and choose tools from the menu then choose 'open data folder'  Leave this window open.
    2. close OpenLP
    3. Delete the data directory in the open file explorer made your backup right?
    4. left click on the Windows start button and type Registry Editor.  Then select the program Registry Editor when it is displayed.
    5. once Registry Editor is open, search for OpenLP....your looking for a folder with OpenLP as the name.
    6. Select the folder and press the delete key.
    7. When the folder has been deleted, close the Registry Editor.
    8. Start should run you through the first time don't have to select much if anything....
    9. Open your service that you saved with the backup.
    10. run through the Service and see if you are still having issues...
    If you don't have the issue at this point, you can restore your data from your backup....and try again.
    If you are still having no issues, load your settings.....and try again!

    At some point I hope you have fixed the issue or if the issue has repeated we will know more about what is happening.
  • Thank you. Sorry that it has taken so long to respond. I just did what you suggested, deleting the registry, and it seems to have worked. The last couple of weeks I have been using another computer and I haven't gotten around to trying to fix the one that wasn't working until now. So, it seems something in the registry was messed up.  Thank you for your help.
    Ken Berggren
  • It has been two years now, but the same problems seems to have reoccurred. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to try to fix the problem when it acted up last Sunday. I am heading over to the church to go through this procedure again. Hoping and praying to works. I am going to print out these steps to have beside the computer in case it ever happens again. Thank you again for your help.

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