Change themes during service

Hi. I used to use openlp at my previous church where someone had already set it all up. I found I could change the theme for each song, regardless of what the service theme was set at, by just making the theme default in the theme manager, previous to me sending the song live. I'm now using openlp at my new church but I cant get the theme to change for each song. Any help and ideas greatly appreciated.


  • Check the settings...Themes  Make sure the level is set to 'Song Level'  This will allow you to change the theme for each song and still use the default theme when you need to.
  • It's set at song level but still every theme is blank, regardless of what the service manager and theme manager says. Any other ideas?
  • Check the descriptions for the three theme modes in the manual.  Each has it's advantages and disadvantages.

    When the level is set to Song, then IF the 'song' has a theme selected it will display the song with the theme selected for that song no matter what the 'Global theme' is set to or what the 'Service theme' is set to.  You can see the Song theme by editing the song in the Song section of the Library or by using the right click menu on the Song in the Service. 

    If you use the right click menu in the Service you can change the theme at that point and the song will be displayed with the theme you select....Use caution: if you have the OpenLP settings setup to copy missing songs from a Service, you either just updated the song in the Library or created a duplicate song in the Library!

    You can set the Service Theme and all items in the service without a theme selected will then use the Service Theme, and all items with a theme set for the item will use the item theme.

    You can also change the Global Theme and without a Service Theme set, the items in the Service will use the Global theme and items with a theme set will use the item theme.

    Best Practice depends on what you need to accomplish, but in general, decide what theme(s) you want to use before the service and make changes as needed before the service starts.  Making changes during presentation of a service can be troublesome as it moves the focus away from the presentation requiring you to manually start the next item in the service. 
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