Auto Start option in Service Manager Menu


The other day I noticed when right clicking a video, that is in the Service Manager, there is an "Auto Start - Inactive" and after I click it "Auto Start - Active". Is this supposed to Auto Start an item automatically? I'm not seeing any information on this or how to make it work in the help guides or on the site.

Here is a picture of what I see.

Any ideas? Thanks.


  • Thank you!  I had not noticed that it was missing from the manual....I will open an issue to make sure I add it!

    You are correct that it is there so a video can start automatically within a service or can wait until it is told to start.  I am not sure it works as intended on 2.4.6.  If it is working for you, please let me know.
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    The video does not start automatically when I have it in the service manager so I don't know if there is a setting for starting things automatically in the service manager or if just clicking that option as shown in the image above should start the process.

    I just realized that the songs can be set on a rotation and I put one in the service manager and after telling it to run once it stopped and the video that was set next did not start automatically.

    I am using Windows 10 Ver 1903 at this time.

    If I set it to automatically start should there be a setting to tell it what time to start the video? I can wait for the update of manual, was just wondering.

    I'm all for testing something if needed as I really like this software, if there is anything I can do to help just let me know. :smile:

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