Bible Versions

How do I download a bible app version to put it on OpenLp, I am trying to download The Passion Translation but don't know how, and I don't know what to do.


  • The Manual has instructions for importing Bibles from several sources.  Take a look at

    The Wiki also has a resource page that may help.  http://https// 

    Be sure to honor the CopyRight of the most cases this isn't an issue if you already have the Bible translation  within your church, but it is worth checking!

    I found this specific translation on the Bible Gateway website.  You would not have any issues with copyright using the translation from this web service unless you display too many verses at one time.  This is one of the formats that is supported by OpenLP.  You can set this up following the instructions in the manual.  The only drawback is that this is a WEB Bible....meaning that you need to have an internet connection when you look up the verses, once the verses are put into the Service you can display them from there without an internet connection.
  • Com esse comando eu consigo converter bíblia PDF para osis?
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