Connecting open Drive to open LP

Hi there, 

I’m trying to connect my One drive to open LP in order to access songs remotely. (The AV team have a laptop with all the songs on it and have shared these songs in a One Drive. I’m the worship leader and want to be able to access the songs and the order of verses etc during the week.)

I have installed one drive and open LP on my Mac. When in Open LP I click on tools, open data source and click through to find one drive - open LP - data - songs. I click on songs but nothing happens. I have crossed open LP and opened it again but still nothing happens and I’m unable to find the database of songs on the open LP programme. Are you able to help me please? 

Thank you very much.


  • I am making the assumption that the AV team has shared the OpenLP songs database.  If not you will need to provide more information.

    If the songs database is on the One Drive folder, you can copy the file and then replace the file in your Data folder.  Then when you are done you would copy the songs database in your Data folder onto the One Drive folder.  This is the safest way to share the songs database between multiple still run the risk of multiple people modifying the songs at the same time causing data loss.
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