Fantastic Software - thank you

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This is the review that I have posted on Ohloh:

I have been using OpenLP for a couple of years and have experienced its
development during this time. I use the program in my church and at the
school that I teach in.

The interface is neat and very user
friendly. I found it very easy to navigate and despite never having
used this type of software before was able to get a service up and
running in a couple of minutes once I had installed the program.

Each revision of the

... [More]

software has had important additions and most aspects of running a
multimedia church service can easily be done using the software. I have
shown video clips, powerpoint presentations, and projected songs with
ease and excellent results.

Importing songs can be difficult,
but using cut and paste methods, songs can easily be put into the
database from internet sources such as SongSelect. They just need a bit
of effort, but at the same time you can set them up as you wish. I have
tried importing bibles from .csv files and have not been successful,
but that might just be my inexperience.

The developers, Raoul
and Derek are to be congratulated on producing a fantastic, veratile
piece of software. Thanks for the blessing guys.


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