Android or web remote with down arrows in addition to left-right?

Not sure whether this is a  request for finding something I have not yet figured out, or a feature request.  I really like the Android app, but I'm wondering why there is no "down" arrow that will allow one to move through the service as on the keyboard.  At present it appears the arrows will move through the top level, but will not allow one to go to verses, etc. below.  Even on a tablet it's just too easy to select the incorrect slide.


  • @revcp The Android remote will take you from slide to slide through different service Items if you set the OpenLP settings up to allow that!  But it also has a 'Live' view where you can select the service items in any order you want.

    In my service I have been using a PowerPoint presentations for the before service announcements. The presentation loops through a group of slides until the service is ready to start.  Then when the Pastor wants to start the service I select the first slide below the presentation in the Live View on the android remote.  from this point I can use the left and right arrows or a 'clicker' to move through the rest of the service items.

    Try using the different views on the Android remote and see this helps.
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