Feature Request: Powerpoint Thumbnails in Live View, and Slide Counter.

I've been using EasyWorship for years, but I am looking for alternatives.  OpenLP has a few usability issues that is making it difficult to transition from EW to OLP.

When showing a Powerpoint,  EasyWorship's live view gives you thumbnails of each slide, and you can customize the size of the thumbnails.  This allows you to quickly select a specific slide, and switch to it.  Also, in EasyWorship, it is easier to see which slide you are on and how many slides there are total in a Powerpoint presentation.  Notice the "Slide 5 of 5" in the screenshot below:

OpenLP's Live view only shows one slide at a time, so it is more difficult to quickly switch to a specific slide.  It is also difficult to see which slide you are on.  In the screenshot below, you can see the Service Manager has "Slide 1" highlighted, but I'm actually displaying "Slide 5" on the screen.

Would it be possible for the Live view in OpenLP to show smaller thumbnails of each slide similar to EasyWorship?  Would it also be possible to add a slide counter "Slide X of Y" to the tool bar next to the "Previous", "Next", "Blank", and "Desktop" buttons?


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