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When I download a media file do I have to physically move it to %appdata%\OpenLP\media or does the program do this when I load the media through the media tab in the program.

Am installing OpenLP on new PC and want to know best etiquette for where to put media files


  • @ivanr ;  You just need to point to the media file when you load it.  Everything in the  %appdata%\OpenLP\* folders is under control of OpenLP and OpenLP can move or delete anything in the directories.  Don't put anything directly into the directories directly.

    The two exceptions I can think of are;

    1. When restoring a backup you have to put the files into the  %appdata%\OpenLP directories
    2. If you download some of the resources (like bibles) from our Wiki, they have to be placed into the  %appdata%\OpenLP directories.

  • Many thanks John, that's made it clear for me.
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