Custom Slides aren't saved

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For the first time this week we used the custom slide feature for the pastors message.  I prepared the OOS beforehand, including all the custom slides and saved it.  For some reason though, two of the custom slides wouldn't save.  Twice I created them, saved the OOS, closed openlp, reopened it and my saved OOS, and both times two of the custom slides I made were gone.  Am I missing something, do I need to do something special to make sure the slides are saved in my OOS?  I created them and pressed the"Add to Order of Service" button, then saved the OOS.  Shouldn't that of saved the slides as well? 

Also, on a somewhat related note, is there a way to make a custom slide and not have a caption or an author?  If I leave those spaces blank it wont' let me add the slide, it gives me an error saying to make sure I fill everything out.  It does the same thing if I try just putting a space in the field.



After playing around with it, I've narrowed the problem down to the custom slide having quotations in it.  Below is the text I'm trying to put in a custom slide.

"If you feel it is imperative to fill all your needs, and if these needs are contradictory or in conflict with those of others, or simply unfillable, then frustration inevitably follows. To Abby and to Mark as well self-fulfillment means:  having a career and marriage and children and sexual freedom and autonomy and being liberal and having money and choosing non-conformity and insisting social justice and enjoying city life and country living and simplicity and graciousness and reading and good friends and on and on. The individual is not truly fulfilled by becoming ever more autonomous. Indeed, to move too far in this direction is to risk psychosis, the ultimate form of autonomy… The injunction that to find one’s self, one must lose one’s self, contains the truth any seeker of self-fulfillment needs to grasp."

When I enter it like that it won't save, if I remove the quotation marks from the beginning and end then it saves fine.

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