No Sound with Powerpoint

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I use a sound file attached to a powerpoint presentation to play music automatically in sync with the slides which are automatically timed to move from one slide to the next for the duration of the song for our childrens songs. When I import the powerpoint presentation that has the sound file attached and go live the sound does not play.


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    Hi therev,

    What version of PowerPoint are you using? basically just tells PowerPoint to show the presentation, so I doubt it's that's causing the problem in particular (most likely it's PowerPoints interface that we use), but we're gonna have a look and see if there's anything we can do.

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    Hi raoul

    I am using an old version of powerpoint 2002 or 2003 from memory on an old T2 laptop (sorry I no longer have the laptop with me at present as somone else will be using it for the next couple of weeks.) Perhaps it is the combination of these two old clunkers as last night I tried it on another laptop that was using Office 2007 and it worked fine. We are way over due for an upgrade anyway.

    Thanks for the quick reply and the great software, keep up the good work.



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