Text size difference between OpenLP slides and 'other' slides.

I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong to cause this, and if anyone can offer me some advice, please.

We usually create our slides directly in OpenLP and the theme takes care of the (majority) of the formatting.
  • Black background
  • White text
  • Arial 75 pt font 
are the relevant bits.

Sometimes I need to create slides with more than just text, so I use a programme like PowerPoint, or Keynote, and then export the slides as images. These are then imported to OpenLP.

But even using the same settings as above, the text on my custom slides is significantly smaller than the song slides, for example. And I don't know why. I thought about the 'shrink to fit' setting, and it isn't that. I've double and triple (and more) checked that. But my slides are almost unreadable from the back of our small church!

I'd love to know what could be causing this and how to fix it.

I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts.



  • I follow a similar path for some slides.  The only advice I have is to make sure you save the images the same size as the OpenLP output display.  PowerPoint tries to save images the same size as the current screen....this can cause the slide to be smaller than your presentation screen.  I have had good results by setting all my screens to the same size before making the images.
  • Thanks for your reply, John.
    (I thought that I'd clicked 'post' a couple of days ago, so please forgive me for my tardy reply.)

    Before I go ahead, I want to make sure that I've understood your process properly.

    Have you connected your computer to your projector/TV and then created a PowerPoint slide from there? Is that the way that you determined the 'correct' size for your images? And once you have the correct size, you then create a template based on that sized slide.

    That's how I've interpreted what you said, anyway. If I've misunderstood your process, I apologise. I hope that you won't mind explaining it to me in more detail.

  • @AndrewK ; Our Projector is set to the same size as our laptop.   It is a new laptop with a very large screen.  But if your computer screen is not the same as your projector/TV you would need to have it connected before opening PowerPoint.

    You can check by going into Settings then Display on your PC with the projector/TV connected.

    In PowerPoint make sure your are set to the right screen for your slide show....normally the largest screen you have and always the same one you project OpenLP on.  Then create your slide and SaveAs a .JPG  I do this right from the File-SaveAs menu...just change the file type drop down to the JPG format and then change the filename if needed.  I don't use the File-Export option.  You should be asked if you want to export just the one slide or all slides....either will work depending on your needs.

    At this point you can find the file(s) you just saved and check the properties to see the size of the image...On Windows 10 the size is listed in the Details tab.  This is just a sanity check if you are wondering if the image is full size!

    Then import the .JPG file as an image and your should see the image with approximately the same font size.  Keep in mind that a font pt size is a paper size and while most computers try hard to present the paper size correctly, slight variations happen.
  • Hi @JohnM
    You made a good point about the screen size not being the same on the laptop as the TV. I was aware of the problem, but I couldn't fix it. I'm not a windows person and some of your instructions here have helped me to get the problem fixed. Thank you!

    Is there a difference that you've noticed between saving the slides as JPG vs saving as a PPT and then exporting to JPG? I'm asking the question because I'm still seeing a significant size difference between the slides I create and the OpenLP native slides. 'My' slides are better than they were, but not much better. And still not nearly good enough. Projection is using 70 point Arial. PPT slides are using 70 point Arial bold, and there's still a visible difference. I do note the comment in your final paragraph about point size being a paper size, but even allowing for that, there's no comparison.
  • @AndrewK Ariel and Arial Bold are slightly different fonts...and to be honest I use PPT to create most of my slides...just faster when you are trying to create quickly....You may want to try using a fudge factor for the PPT font size....If 70 pt in PPT is smaller than 70 pt in OpenLP, try 80 pt in PPT....if it is now too big, try 75 pt....and continue until you get it dialed in....Most of the fonts in PPT can be fine tuned even if the number you want is not shown....so 70.5 pt is available...just type it in!
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