Service manager theme setting inadvertently acts as global theme overriding the actual global theme

I've only ever used themes set either globally or per song. But recently someone at church used the service manager to set a unique theme for a carol service. Later, after loading a new service plan, that theme for the carol service appeared as effectively the global default theme for all subsequent services which are loaded, regardless of whether saved service plans had a service level theme saved with them or not. No matter what previously saved service plan I loaded, they all came up with the theme used at the carol service as the new global default. I got around it eventually by setting the theme for each song at song level. This was effective since the settings were set so that song level overrode service and global theme settings.

My understanding or expectation is that the service manager choice of theme should only remain active for the particular service that it is selected for. That is, if a different service is selected (a new one is saved or an old one is loaded) the service manager should 'automatically' deselect the service manager theme, so that it would return to the global default or song level theme, not the service level theme that was selected for a previous service plan remaining active as the new effective default theme, overridding the global theme. If the last service level theme is still active for all later service plans, even previously saved ones, it is effectively a global theme, which causes lots of confusion, like we had yesterday morning.

If no service plan theme has been saved with an old service plan, I would expect no service level theme to be active in the service manager, and for the global theme and/or song level theme to operate instead. 

I mention this in case others might get confused like I did. Now I know the quirk of the program, I know how to workaround it, by deselecting any theme in the service manager, to allow the global theme to work. (Or, to set the settings so that the global theme overrides song and service level themes, but that is more restrictive.)

But again, the program is a real blessing. Thank you for all who work on it. 


  • I think you're misunderstanding how the service-level theme setting works. If you've never manually selected a service-level theme, OpenLP will automatically set the service-level theme to whatever the global theme is.

    The service-level theme is not a per-service setting. Once a service-level theme has been selected, it'll remain the selected service level theme until it is changed it to something else. If you want the global theme used again, you'll need to manually set it to the global theme.
  • I understand what you say. But that is now how it works, at least for me using OpenLP 2.4.6.

    But I think that that way of working is flawed. When used just once, the service level theme is effectively a global theme which overrides the selected global theme. Modifying the global theme has absolutely no effect once someone has used the service level theme just once. The service level theme overrides the global theme, once it has been used just once. That is, unless someone knows this quirk, and deselects the service level theme so allow the global theme to take priority again. Until I knew this, I was really struggling. 

    My point is that the service level theme should be what its name suggests. It should be active for just the 'service' that it was selected for. Any other services which are loaded or new ones created should default to no service level theme, allowing the global or song level themes which are already set to take priority (according to the settings selection of priority). 

    Why bother having both service and global level themes at all, if they are both effectively global themes, with the former overriding the latter, causing confusion? 

    Also, unless the operation is changed to be a 'service' level operation, I would suggest changing the name of the service level theme.

    Or, if a global theme is selected while there happens to be a service level theme, either automatically deselect the service level theme when changing global theme, or put up a notice that changing the global theme will have no effect unless the service level theme is deselected first.
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