User Authentication causes Android Remote App to fail

Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere but I'm new to these forums and my searching didn't find any matches.
First, let me applaud OpenLP - it's impressive in its capabilities.
I've downloaded the Android OpenLP remote app and configured it and OpenLP for remote access.
If I don't use User Authenication, things seem to work fine.
If I check the User Authentication box and enter a Userid and Password, and enter the same Userid and Password in the Remote app, the functionality is crippled.
I can see the Service List, but any attempt to drill down to lyrics results in "Unable to process request - check network settings".
When I disable User Authentication, things go back to working properly.
I'd really like to have User Authentication working so that hackers in my congregation can't hijack the service :).

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!


  • You are correct.  The user authentication is not working on 2.4.6.  There is no workaround to make it work that I know of.   

    On a side note, i use the android app every week and I have found that if I turn off the Cell data while I am using the android remote it works better.  I believe this to be happening because the firewall at church is excessive and most of the time the Android phone things the Wifi has no internet and doesn't like to use the Wifi.  Turning off the Cell data forces the phone to use the Wifi for data.
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