ZionWorx 2014 (Ver. Export DB

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Hi there,
Following the Manual from https://manual.openlp.org/songs.html?highlight=zionworx to export my ZionWorx Database 2014 (Version is a dead end.
1. The Database-Directory is incorrect, it's C:\ProgramData\Jubilate Software\ZionWorx\Data
2. There is no "Maintable.dat".
There is - how ever - a  Data.tdbd, which can be opened with a plain-text editor such as notepad.exe in Windows. The content of that file reads "TurboDB database control file for directory-based database".
There are 30 or so other files with similar extensions (tdbi, tdbt), which, accordingly to Turbodb represent the Database tables.
So tried to open that file-driven Database with the TurboDB Viewer and Studio 5. With both applications no chance.
Although I can open the Data.tdbd, it is empty, and therefore I don't see any references to the other tables.
So I was wondering, if someone else has found a way to migrate it's ZionWorx 2014 Songs-DB to OpenLP.

Thank you very much in advance,


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