Extended import songs behaviour

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Two simple things:

  • When importing songs and there is a song that has an identical title with one in the database, openlp.org as of 1.0.1 only lets me select either and will overwrite the other. I'd like to see a third button "Add imported song" (additionally) - for I am facing this quite frequently. My current workaround: I have to skip the imported, rename the song in the database and run import again.
  • When a song to be imported is found to have a identical title with one from the database, openlp.org 1.0.1 will ask me which I want to use. I use the import-feature to syncronize our few installations and then have to click "Use openlp.org song" more than hundred times. It would be nice if there was a routine that checked if the text is identical, too; and if yes just skip that song.

Thanks to the devs and can't wait for what goods the next version will bring Smile



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