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I am new to this forum.
First I would like to thank everyone who participates in bringing this application to life and maintaining it.

I installed the alpha test OpenLP 2.9.0-x64.
We were waiting for the possibility of using streaming.

We have two distinct and complementary needs.
The first: being able to display RTSP streams (or similar) from distant parties.
The second: being able to display live NDI streams (small latency) from cameras.

For both needs we found partial and impractical solutions using VLC and the NDI Virtual Input tool.
Partial because each solution allows only one source.
Not practical because the source configuration is done in applications external to OpenLP (VLC and/or NDI Virtual Input).

I know that the NDI license from NewTek is special.
Anyway NDI plugin exists for OBS Studio (obs-ndi plugin) which is opensource too and that we are using.

As it stands, the streaming feature available in the new version does not meet our needs.

Is it possible to extend it in order to meet our needs ?

Many thanks for your help



  • This sounds convenient but not necessarily practical. I am not sure if ProPresenter or any other worship software does this.

    What it really sounds like to me is you want something like a video switcher which tons of churches use to replace their computer video on screen to a camera or some other source. The ATEM Mini will probably be your most affodrable option, although it is HDMI only. So, you'd have to think through how you're outputting everything.

    Your other option might be something like a Bird Dog Studio that does NDI decoding. So you can plug the bird dog studio into your screen/projector and then from the webgui switch between ndi inputs which would include your lyrics.

    Or maybe a full NDI switcher like this: https://pro-av.panasonic.net/en/products/av-hlc100/

    Overall, this might require another computer to run OBS and act as almost a "livestream" computer to compile all of the ndi streams together to that you can compile a scene exactly how you would like and then use a StreamDeck to quickly switch between scenes.

  • Before requesting this feature for OpenLP, I installed ProPresenter 7 (most recent version) for testing purpose.
    It fully handles multiple NDI streams : NDI output is a remote screen, NDI input is a video source.
    Therefore ProPresenter can fully manage/drive projectors/audience screens.
    It can easily be integrated with video solutions (OBS, vMix, Tricaster...)

    The preceeding ProPresenter 6 with the NDI/SDI Module added was also able to use NDI.
    The only difference is the price : compared to version 6, version 7 is a lot less expensive for houses of Worship..

    Video is becoming more and more a "must have" for churches but professional solutions are expensive and may not be easy to operate for volunteers.

    Having video integrated in presentation application via network simplifies the connections, reduces the number of equipments, reduces cabling, reduces complexity, increases flexibility, simplifies operations, ...
    This are basically the reasons of my requests for NDI.

    Many thanks for your support
  • @abo cool! I didn't know ProPresenter had that feature. I think this is definitely something to look into and be a feature request. I hope some of my workarounds can work as a potential solution until openlp gets there if they can dependent on licensing.
  • @abo The development version of OpenLP uses VLC for streams and videos. If you know a way to play NDI streams in VLC, it will be possible in OpenLP 3.0. If you know any details about running a NDI stream in VLC I could take a look to see if I could streamline the process for a later release.

  • VLC is able to generate NDI output streams from any VLC standard source.
    To make this possible it is only necessary to install the NDI Tools for Windows from here https://ndi.tv/tools/
    The NDI Tools include a NDI VLC Plugin.
    The NDI VLC Plugin adds NDI output in Output module selection list for audio and video.
    The NDI VLC plugin is not able to receive/consume NDI stream. It is only able to send/generate NDI stream.
    Important : NDI is a very low latency streaming protocol very useful for live display. To take all benefits of NDI it is necessary to reduce buffering or any delay in VLC.

    Installation of NDI Tools allows selection of tools.
    It is necessary to select at least NDI/HX 1.0 Drivers, VLC Media Player plugin and Video Codecs

    Many thanks for your help
  • Thanks for the information!

    Unfortunately it won't be as easy as I thought if VLC cannot receive the stream. Although, I had a look on their website and it appears you can use the NDI Tools application to create a virtual input device. I think this will work in the new release, similar to a webcam or other video input device.

    There is a ticket in the system for NDI support if any developer wants to properly integrate it, but for the upcoming release I think it will just be the virtual input option.
  • Yes, the NDI Virtual Input is a very good option.
    If it works in the upcoming release this will be great.
    Many thanks for your support.
  • I tested NDI Virtual Input with VLC.
    The performance is pretty good. The total latency from NDI source to VLC display via 1Gb network is less than 100 ms which is acceptable for live display.
    I installed the alpha version of the OLP new release and VLC 3 64 bits.
    In the alpha version I do not find a way to display webcam or any video capture source.
    Most probably the feature is not yet available or may be it is not integrated in Medias plugin.
  • @abo The next alpha release of OpenLP will support playback of video streams, but you're right, the first alpha release did not...
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