Feature request : Video input

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I am new to this forum.
First I would like to thank everyone who participates in bringing this application to life and maintaining it.

I installed the alpha test OpenLP 2.9.0-x64.
We were waiting for the possibility of using streaming.

We have two distinct and complementary needs.
The first: being able to display RTSP streams (or similar) from distant parties.
The second: being able to display live NDI streams (small latency) from cameras.

For both needs we found partial and impractical solutions using VLC and the NDI Virtual Input tool.
Partial because each solution allows only one source.
Not practical because the source configuration is done in applications external to OpenLP (VLC and/or NDI Virtual Input).

I know that the NDI license from NewTek is special.
Anyway NDI plugin exists for OBS Studio (obs-ndi plugin) which is opensource too and that we are using.

As it stands, the streaming feature available in the new version does not meet our needs.

Is it possible to extend it in order to meet our needs ?

Many thanks for your help

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