Question regarding 2.90 Alpha reporting

Is it sufficient to send error reports via the reporting popup or should we also post something here in Development section? Is there a way to see what bugs have already been reported/known issues? 


  • The official bug list for OpenLP is located at 

    I would post on the issues board....
  • Al, personally I'd prefer it if no bugs were submitted. Alpha 1 is a preview release, it's not even complete yet, and there are lots of bugs that we already know about that need to be fixed. I'd suggest browsing the issues in GitLab to see if they have already been reported, and to add to those, or just hold on till the beta. There are a few threads now in the forums about the Alpha, and I think it would probably be a good idea to keep the discussion to a single thread so that people aren't discussing the same issues over and over again in different threads, and so that we the developers can keep a track of the issues that people are experiencing.

    I think I'll merge the threads and then make the combined thread a "sticky" post here.
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