Window Configuration Doesn't "Stick"

Up until about a month ago, I had no issues. Then suddenly, my dashboard - err, not sure what it's called - configuration won't stay the way I have it.

I like to have songs open in the left column, then Live in the centre. On the right I have the service. Nothing else visible. However, if I close the program, the next time I open it, it's Preview in the centre rather than Live, and the Projection Manager is in the lower right.

I've tried the "Lock View" (or whatever it's called), but that doesn't make my preferred configuration stay on the screen when I close the program.

Any ideas?

Windows 10. We have the computer disconnected from any networks, so there haven't been any Windows or Open LP updates on it for a while now. I don't remember the version(s); the computer is not handy for me to access until Saturday.


  • @Tricia_G ; I am a very experienced user with Windows 10...Please read all the instructions below and if you are not comfortable, do do any of them!  What you described Could Be a corrupted registry entry.  This doesn't happens very often, but it can happen.

    1. Back up your configuration.  You can find the export feature on the File menu.   Remember where you save the file!
    2. Shutdown OpenLP
    3. Select the Windows Start Button and type 'Reg'  The search window should display a program named 'Registry Editor'  select the program and press enter.  You will be asked if you really want to run the the 'Yes' key.
    4. Once the Registry Editor has opened, Press Ctrl-F. (You should make a backup of the registry from the File menu of the Registry editor)
    5. A search window will open.  Type in 'OpenLP' and select the 'Find Next' button.
    6. The OpenLP folder should be highlighted....the folder can be found at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OpenLP\OpenLP"
    7. With the folder highlighted, press the Del key.  You will be asked if your really want to remove the folder.  press the 'Yes' button.  The folder should no longer be shown.
    8. Close the Registry Editor window.
    9. Start OpenLP.  The installation process may be ran, if it is select the  language and press the 'Next' button until the 'Finish' button appears then press the 'Finish' directory.
    10. Verify you can set the OpenLP window as you like it and lock the layout.
    11. Re-start OpenLP and verify the layout is the way you set it.
    12. Reload your original settings.  File->Import->Settings
    13. Verify your layout will still remain after a restart of OpenLP
  • Thanks! I'll copy these instructions and try this the next time I'm in. :smile:
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