File layout for generic document import

I'm trying to import our Powerpoint songs into OpenLP using the generic document import.  I've tried a few layouts but can't figure out how to set out the file so that OpenLP knows song title, author, copyright and song structure.  I've got the body of the song mostly ok (although choruses are imported as verses).  It seems like a first line by itself gets interpreted as Author and first line of song is copied as the song title (which is often right but not always) but that's all I've been able to figure out.

Is there any documentation on suggested layout or can anyone provide some guidance?


  • @andymcg ; Here is what I know works....
    1. No headers....they get confused and become authors
    2. The First line of text in the presentation is the Title.
    3. The second line of text in the presentation must be the start of the lyrics
      Song Title
    4. A blank line will start the next verse....never found a way to have it detect verse vs. chorus
      lyrics...lyrics Previous Verse

      lyrics...lyrics Next Verse
    5. After the last line of lyrics, add a blank line and then the author's name(s)

      The Blue Man Group
    6. After the author's name(s), add a blank line and then `©` and the copyright information. 
      The Blue Man Group

      © 2019 John Denver music

  • Thanks John - I appreciate you taking the time to respond.  I've done a test and everything works as you describe except that it interprets the first line as both the song title and start of lyrics - I can't make it detect a different title but I can work with that.
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